Vacuum Formers

We use in-line formers for increased productivity as well as an index former for heavier gauge materials.

Vacuum Formed Trays

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) is used for the majority of the trays. HMWPE, ABS, ESD HIPS & ELPE are also available materials depending on the application.

Vacuum formed dunnage is designed to meet your expendable or returnable needs with material gauges from .30 to .300.

Air Bags
Thermostat Housing Throttle Body
Transmission Stator
Turbo Tubes Inlet Tubes
Air Bag
Output Gear Shaft
Tilt Head Lock Housing Gasket Cover
Brake Controller Cartridges Tris Brush
Brake Controller ESD Cap Pressure Gauge
Transmission Lock Pin Door Handles
Roof Ditch Molding Piston Clutch